After Christmas

I haven’t posted in awhile. Things were going great until a so-called fake friend started bashing gays when the duck dynasty thing came out. After having numerous friends turned into enemies, he started posting that he has gay friends etc. Bullshit! He can’t name one male gay friend.

I received numerous support and was even invited to an anti- Dave group however left because I believe in being kind, not bullying even though he is the biggest hippocate, gossips worse than a girl and only has one real life friend. This is hard because his only friend is my best friend.

I know my best friend wouldn’t betray me, I’m just scared he’s going to believe whatever bullshit Dave puts in his head.

Will write more later


December 13,2013

Had my pain specialist appointment today in LA. He is the editor in chief of the pain management magazine for pain specialists across the US.

The next issue is going to have an article on LYME. I asked him if its going to be good and he said “Your going to like it, I based it on you.”

I get a copy in the mail next month. Hope people who suffer in pain can bring in the article to there pain specialist.

My medications prescribed per month were:
1. Fentanyl 50mcg: 20 patches
2. Oxycodone 30mg: 200 tabs
3. Dilaudid 8mg: 400 tabs
4. Soma 350mg for December only. It’s the only medication my Medicare under united healthcare won’t cover anymore. So we switched to Zanaflex 4mg for a trail.
5. Klonopin 2mg: 200 tabs
6. Adderall 10mg: 60 tabs

The pharmacy did not have my chelation drug so have to go to Walgreens.

Watched and been addicted to American Horror Story.


I’m thinking of making a “Lyme” account so I will have all my Lyme friends (or fake so-called friends) on one page and the other for my San Diego friends or other close friends. That way personal stuff stays personal in the Lyme world. I’m honestly kind of over it. Just worrying about my health is most important.

December 11, 2013

Today cancelled my HBOT session and got high dose vitamin C instead. My doctor prescribed me an oral chelation pill that I take 4 times a day on only two days of the week.

He also gave me a supp with high mineral intake because low zinc can cause brain issues. The chelation pill is cupramine? 250mg and mineral replacement is Citramine 3.

Now home, thinking about Facebook, hanging with my dog, bored, thinking of gym too.

I’m still herxing from candida die-off. Good Times. I’m on nystatin 3x a day and on weekends do Diflucan 200mg twice a day. I’m going to be herxing from both chelation and killing candida.

Heavy Metals

I got my results back and I am high in Aluminum, Cesium, Gadolinium, Lead, Nickel and Uranium.

Out of 20 Toxic Metals, have 6 of none, 7 that were “within reference”, and 6 that were high.

My creatinine level is 109 mg/ml

Was only able to get tests results. My doctors appt is on the 18th 🙂

Still herxing from candida

December 10,2013

Today woke up at 5:30am and went to my 7:30am appointment. Did the 1 hour hyperbaric chamber, Turbosonic machine, a real high dose of Vitamin C with a Glutathione push.

Felt okay until took nystatin. Herxing from candida die-offs. It’s funny because I used to make fun of someone when they would always tell people its candida. Now I’m in bed herxing from it. Karmas a bitch! I deserve it I guess. Lol

Tuesday = new movie night so have something to look forward too.

I got my heavy metal testing today as well. Ill post info about them in a new post.

December 8, 2013

Nothing big happened. Hung out with my neice and nephew. Got a massage (1 1/2 hour) with Chinese Cupping. We did it on my head this time to help with circulation. I have big bruised lumps on my head for a few days. I got massage + detox bath + watching the movie 2 Guns. Then passed out 🙂